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Unkempt Herald was formed by Dave Gurgick, Jesse Salinas, and Ronstin Smith in Bloomfield N.J. in 2013. They spent a year practicing writing and trying to hone their style. To that effort they built a studio, bought gear and set to work. Unkempt Herald created a style that is both musically diverse and lyrically thoughtful.  They released their second full length titled “Kegare” in October 2016. Only 2 months later Unkempt Herald faced 2 of the hardest things in their career. The First was the suicide of lead singer Ronstin Smiths 15 year old daughter followed by the attempted suicide of close friend and guitarist Jesse Salinas. After taking most of 2017 to mourn and figure out a path forward and 2018 to write and record Unkempt Herald is back with "Kiddo". Kiddo is a part of the bands mourning process as well as a message to anyone suffering with mental health issues and/or suicidal thought and self harm potential. Kiddo is a story of the journey out of heartache and loss, through lonliness, and back to a place where you know you are loved and supported. 

Unkempt Herald is currently booking local shows for spring and are looking towards the west coast this summer.



"In a world of polished productions, watered down lyrics and songwriting, trends, and genre pleasers, Unkempt Herald stands tall on their own feet because they haven't forgotten about the human element in music".

Alan Lisanti- Obscure Chaos Zine


 "...The band composes songs that meld different styles organically..."

Walter Greggs-


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